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Empty Will



// project info

// 60 minutes

conceived and directed by // Konstantinos Tsonopoulos

with // Krina Dalakli, Marina Papoulia

direction consultant // Niki Doulgeraki

dramaturgy consultant // Panagiotis Vasiliadis

set design // Aggeliki Tsamouridou

lighting design // Tzo Tselepi

sound design // Chris Loupis

movement director // Myrto Delimichali

graphic design // Chrisanthe Kouremenou

assistant director // Maria Iliadi, Panagiotis Vasiliadis

a project by // Konstantinos Tsonopoulos

co-produced by // ACT FOR ART PRODUCTIONS

There are things we cannot change, no matter how much they hurt us. A story of two sisters struggling with loss. Is there a choice, will they choose oblivion?  Their path to the ultimate test: the moment when the mind realizes in panic that there is nothing left to forget.
"I don't remember" means "I'm free"
Free people have no history.

// when & where

// 2022 // premiere // October 31

Greece // Athens // Arroyo Theatre​

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