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"People's souls, even in the age of digital communication, are constantly seeking to release "cellular gaze". The one that clearly illuminates the shadows of sadness, agony and fear. Rock sounds are embraced by the melodies of the violin, piano and flute."

// when & where

// 2021

Petra International Festival // 18 July 

Greece // Athens

// 2021

Oropos Festival // 1 August

 [cancelled due to Covid-19 crisis] Greece // Athens

// project info

// 120 minutes

conceived by // Spyros Kivelos

directed by // Konstantinos Tsonopoulos

performers // Konstantinos Tsonopoulos, Christina Chaldezou

musicians // Spiros Kivellos (guitar), Alex Griparis (guitar), John Polyaktarides (base),

Takis (drums), Nick Loupis (flute), Nick Papantonis (guitar), Melina Galanou (violin),

Bill Papantonopoulos (piano)

set design // Konstantinos Tsonopoulos

lighting design // George Kourgiantakis, Konstantinos Tsonopoulos

sound design //  Petros Petropoulos

rehearsal lighting technician // George Kourgiantakis

sound engineer // Petros Petropoulos

photography // Nektarios Sougleris

video // John Panagiotarakos

graphic design // Apostolis Giotakis

a project by // Spiros Kivelos & Konstantinos Tsonopoulos

produced by // General Music Greece

special thanks to // Prince Oliver Clothing

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